Anthentic Logistik G.m.b.H

Mitterweg 13a
A-6336 Langkampfen/Tirol

Tel.: 0043 / (0)5332 / 81222-0
Fax: 0043 / (0)5332 / 81222-22

Services & Relations

In our company we pursue the goal of being able to offer our customers the best possible service at fair terms and conditions, and to thus make their lives and work easier and, in turn, to satisfy their customers. We have so far been able to do this to success due to our specialisation on complete loads and house-to-house transport.



Your advantages
- simple and straightforward cooperations
- absolute operational readiness
- multilingual staff (German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Czech, Russian)
- professional expertise due to many years of experience
- personalised service
- highly competitive prices
- a personal contact for all transport routes

We connect the big business centres and large European cities every day. Whether it’s Stockholm, Barcelona or Rotterdam, our friendly drivers always find the right destination. With the transportation of more than 30,000 complete loads, in recent years our primary focus has been the Germany – Italy – Germany transport route.