Anthentic Logistik G.m.b.H

Mitterweg 13a
A-6336 Langkampfen/Tirol

Tel.: 0043 / (0)5332 / 81222-0
Fax: 0043 / (0)5332 / 81222-22

Vehicle fleet

Fuhrpark AntheticFuhrpark AntheticFuhrpark AntheticFuhrpark AntheticFuhrpark Anthetic

80 Tautliners plus a perfectly designed network of selected transport companies from all over Europe that we load 365 days a year are available to you day and night.

13.60 m x 2.50 m x 2.70 m

Carrying capacity
up to 26 tonnes (light trailers)

Load securing
Our superbly trained drivers know exactly how to secure their goods. Tension belts, edge protectors and anti-skid mats are all part of our standard equipment. It also goes without saying that all of our trucks carry safety shoes, helmets and warning vests.

Our drivers are our visiting cards on location. Friendliness and a helpful manner are considered to be of the utmost importance in our company. We comply with all of the legally specified breaks to ensure that your valuable goods arrive safe and sound.

Environmental protection
Environmental protection: As a logistics company we have an obligation to make a considerable contribution.
That’s why we insist on using the latest technologies.
1.) Low emissions Euro V engines
2.) Training our drivers in a form of driving that saves and conserves fuel
3.) We are able to avoid empty kilometres on the basis of having experienced scheduling employees
4.) Combination of HGVs and rail: We cover thousands of kilometres on ‘rolling country roads’